4 x 6 Ivory Pillar Candles – Unscented

In addition to home, this unscented ivory 4 x 6 pillar candle is often used at weddings and banquets where food will be served. Using a candle that is fragrance free keeps will not bother guests with allergies or affect the way the food tastes. Pillar candles are very popular for decorating and with our massive selection of sizes, styles, scents, and colors, we are sure to have what you need. Use this 6 inch tall candle on dinner tables, at your reception, in hotels, churches, or restaurants to create the perfect look. Always burn these 4 inch diameter candles on a holder or heat resistant surface to avoid damage to your table when the flame gets to the bottom. These short candles are made out of paraffin wax and have a cotton fiber wick. Burn the candle long enough for the liquid pool to to almost reach the edge then extinguish the flame. Allow the wax to cool before relighting it again. Doing this will maximize the length of time your candle will burn and allow it to use up nearly all the wax.

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