Chocolate Chip Candle in Cookie Jar

About Jar Candles We have combined our top selling Chocolate Chip candle with this adorable 64 oz glass cookie jar to create an amazing new product. And if just getting a wonderful smelling candle wasn’t enough, we have attached a tasty sugar cookie recipe for you to try at home. Once the wax has all been used up, clean out the cookie jar and fill it with a batch of fresh baked cookies using the attached recipe or a favorite of your own. This cookie jar will look great in any kitchen and makes a nice gift for family or friends. These candles are hand poured in the U.S.A. What It Smells Like: A delicious aroma of warm, fresh baked, home made, chocolate chip cookies, straight out of the oven, like grandma used to make. This decadent fragrance will fill you whole house with the mouth watering flavor of semi sweet chips and sugary goodness.