Scented Raspberry Lemonade Candles

Perfect for summer, this Raspberry Lemonade palm wax candle comes hand made in a stylish bamboo glass. The fruity blend of fresh squeezed raspberries and ripe lemon fragrance gives off a wonderfully refreshing scent. The highly scented candle is topped with a lemon wedge and a raspberry, adding to the unique look. When the palm wax hardens it crystallizes making this jar candle look like it is full of shaved ice. Our unique candle will definitely have people talking about how cool it looks and the way it smells. We make these here in the U.S.A. Once the candle wax is all used up, clean out the glass and use it as a regular drinking cup. The glass cup holds 16 ounces, is 6.75 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter. The candle will burn for approximately 90 hours. Sold individually.

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