Smelly Gel Alpine Cheer

Our highly scented Alpine Cheer gel is a versatile air freshening product that can be used in any home, office, hotel room, lobby, club, restaurant, and more to effectively make it smell so much more pleasent. We recommend using our Smelly Gel in either a full size electric candle warmer or in one of our Glow Bowl units because when the gel is warmed it diffuses the best. We do NOT recommend that you use the smaller mini warmers as they will dry the gel out too quickly. The gel will still work in a plain bowl or vase but may not be quite as strong as when warmed up. To get started using the Smelly Gel, simply fill the container of your choice and add a quarter cup of warm water. If you are using a warmer of Glow Bowl unit, switch it on and allow a few minutes for the gel to do its work. The diameter of container you choose will have an effect on how much fragrance gets into the air. The wider the bowl, the stronger the scent will be. After a few days you may start to notice that the gel has begun to shrink and the fragrance might not be as noticable. Just add a little bit of warm water to bring it back to life. This can be repeated over and over again to keep your home smelling great. What It Smells Like: Strong pine and balsam fir notes combined with the fresh clean scent of the mountain air and a hint of spice.

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