Recycled Scented Votives

These unique scented votive candles are made out of recycled wax. When we pour or regular votives into the molds some of it spills onto the table. After a few rounds of pouring different fragrances, we clean the tables and molds off, putting the wax into boxes for later use. When we have enough, we will remelt the mixed wax and pour it back into the votive molds again. We never know exactly what color they will turn out or what they will smell like. What we do know is that they will burn beautifully and have a strong scent. So if you want a cheap votive candle and do not care what the color is or what they will smell like we suggest you order these. They are packed in boxes of 12 and each box has votives from the same batch in it so they will all match. Always burn votives in a cup because they are designed to liquefy totally across the top. What It Smells Like A random blend of strong fragrances from previous pourings make these unique.